Tuesday, 05.10.2021 - Tuesday, 05.10.2021

Three Decades of Transition: Lessons Learned and Prescriptions Offered for Latvia’s Economic Development

Together with professor Jeffrey Sommers and development economist Kaspars Briškens the FES Baltic states presents the sectoral analysis of Latvia’s economic development over three decades

Professor Jeffrey Sommers and development economist Kaspars Briškens present their new FES Baltic states report delivering a sectoral analysis of Latvia’s economy and prescriptions for economic development taking its economic development, and income, to higher levels.

The three decade long transition has seen rapid economic growth interspersed with world record-breaking economic collapses. Big population movements, propelled largely by Latvia’s economic and social policy choices, have also shaped the country into its present condition.

In order to show that, the report endeavors to drill deep into Latvia’s economic policy choices to render an understanding of how it arrived at its present position three decades out from Soviet occupation. The report has two main goals: to understand how Latvia’s transition economy developed the past three decades to identify problems their model created in the past, present, and by implication, future and to, provide a sectoral overview of Latvia’s economy that shows its weaknesses, strengths, and prospects heretofore underutilized.

The authors place Latvia’s economic activities in three categories for forensic examination on the best path forward: national Champions to be further developed, the Middle Ground that does well, but has limited new potential, economic headwinds representing areas that going forward might hold Latvia back. Within they analyse the past and present, with a look toward the future, to suggest policy options for a better Latvia.

Read the Report here http://library.fes.de/pdf-files/bueros/baltikum/18312.pdf
See the Event https://fb.me/e/UJmJtZU7

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