Thursday, 19.01.2023 - Thursday, 19.01.2023

Yearbook "Latvian Foreign and Security Policy 2023"

On the 19th of January 2023 the presentation of this year’s "Latvian Foreign and Security Policy 2023" yearbook took place in Riga. The Yearbook is a long-lasting excellent cooperation with the Latvian Institute of International Affairs.

The retaliation for the Russian war in Ukraine and support for Ukraine became the most important task of Latvia's foreign and security policy in 2022. Capping the risks posed by Russia's actions will also be a top priority for this year. The war, which started last year, has also brought faster and more radical changes to the country's foreign policy strategy. The priorities for 2023 include further support to Ukraine, which will include military, financial and humanitarian assistance, including support for reconstruction and reform processes; Russia's further international isolation, expanding sanctions policy if necessary, as well as the establishment of an international tribunal that would guarantee Russia's prosecution for acts of aggression and war crimes in Ukraine. Strengthening Latvia's security by continuing to increase NATO's military presence in the region and working on NATO's enlargement processes, as well as further strengthening the resilience, efficiency and impact of the European Union in the geopolitical environment are also constant priorities. In addition, the authors of the yearbook also mark Latvia's cooperation formats as an EU Member State with Scandinavia, Central Asia, Asia, the Western Balkans and other regions of the world.

The Yearbook in Latvian and English can be found here:

Photos by Austris Auziņš

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