Friday, 10.08.2018 - Sunday, 12.08.2018

Summer Academy „Baltic Forum of Labor Youth“

Youth of Labor Unions from all three Baltic States comes together to discuss, motivate and make a change!

This year the meeting of Baltic Youth of the Labor Unions takes place at the Baltic Sea in Lithuania. Representatives from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania met to discuss the situation in the market. Exchange regarding policy, gender equality issues, image of Labor Unions in Baltic States, its improvement and involvement of new members are the core issues for Labor youth today.

These and other topics were discussed in groups, so every participant could get a stage for his ideas. Groups will also looked into political work of youth, for example, involvement in the political process through right to vote from 16 years of age in local elections, etc. Exchange regarding the situation and problems of youth in labor market in all three Baltic States, which share similar historical and political development gave a push for new ideas and activities.

Not to forget also building and keeping up with individual contacts between labor youth, where the change of membership is high. Activities of Unions can change the situation of employees in a positive way. Distribution of knowledge about workers' basic rights is very important and helpful for young people and immigrants. 

Youth has a lot to do, a lot to change and it will make the change happen!

Baltic States

Latvia Office
Dzirnavu iela 37-64 
LV 1010 Riga

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Pärnu mnt. 27-13
10141 Tallinn

Lithuania Office
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LT-01105 Vilnius

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