Thursday, 04.04.2019 - Saturday, 06.04.2019 | Estonia, Strong and solidarity-based Europe | Event

NATO-EU Roundtable 2019

Estonia joined NATO 15 years ago. On April 4th NATO celebrated its 70 years anniversary.


Thursday, 21.03.2019 - Friday, 22.03.2019 | Lithuania, Democracy and civil society | Event

The challenges of legal regulation of public information and self-regulation for professional journalism

The biggest challenge of media nowadays is to find a balance between fighting Fake News while preserving media freedom. In order to curb Fake News, it…


Tuesday, 22.01.2019 - Tuesday, 22.01.2019 | Latvia, Strong and solidarity-based Europe | Event

Presentation of the Latvian Foreign and Security Policy Yearbook 2019

The yearbook of Latvian Foreign and Security Policy, which is now rich in tradition, was also presented at the beginning of this year.


| Latvia, Estonia, Democracy and civil society | Event

Social democracy and state building in Latvia and Estonia

One hundred years ago Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were founded. What role did the social-democratic parties play in the founding of the republics…


Monday, 12.11.2018 - Monday, 12.11.2018 | Latvia, Sustainable economy and social system | Event

Latvia, the European Pillar of Social Rights and the post-2020 budget of the EU

Latvia's EU-membership is a success story. However, economic development does not necessarily go hand in hand with a decline of poverty, social…


Wednesday, 14.11.2018 - Wednesday, 14.11.2018 | Latvia, Strong and solidarity-based Europe | Event

Baltic Perspectives on EU Challenges: the US Midterm Elections

The US midterm elections attracted far more attention than usual. The balance is mixed. Many questions remain open, especially with regard on how the…


Wednesday, 31.10.2018 - Wednesday, 31.10.2018 | Latvia, Strong and solidarity-based Europe | Event

Conventional and Nuclear Deterrence in Europe

Deterrence, that sounds like Cold War and the 20th century. However, currently the concept of deterrence is experiencing a renaissance. What are the…


Wednesday, 26.09.2018 - Saturday, 29.09.2018 | Latvia, Strong and solidarity-based Europe | Event

Baltic-Russia Youth Forum

What is hybrid warfare? How can EU and NATO improve their cooperation on cyber security issues? And what about the relations between the Baltic States…


Tuesday, 11.09.2018 - Tuesday, 11.09.2018 | Latvia, Strong and solidarity-based Europe | Event

Russia and the West in (un-)charted waters. What is next?

There is much tension between Russia and the West. In spite of the strained conditions, how can one remain in conversation and find a way to work…


Thursday, 06.09.2018 - Friday, 07.09.2018 | Estonia, Strong and solidarity-based Europe | Event

Nordic-Baltic visions for Europe: Does the EU unite or divide the Nordic-Baltic region?

The Baltic Sea is the European inland sea. There are many forms of coordination and cooperation between the Baltic Sea States. What role does the EU…


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